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Donors and Sponsors

On behalf of the Cleveland Baseball Federation, we extend our deepest gratitude to all of our generous donors and sponsors for their unwavering support and contributions.

Thank You

Donors and Sponsors

  • Meryl Babin
  • Dominic Fanelli
  • Allan Friedman
  • Dave Hradek
  • Greg Koltas
  • Domenico Litten
  • Christopher Macey
  • Garrett Mayers
  • Kevin Ropenus
  • Ryan Ryzner
  • Chris Salata
  • Kyle Smudz
  • Dave Stokley
  • Cynthia Sykes
  • Anderson-DuBose Company                             
  • Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP                           
  • Deloitte Tax LLP                           
  • Ellsworth Advisors, LLC                         
  • Fiber Capital Partners                             
  • Fleet Response                           
  • Grant Thornton                            
  • Gryphon Fund Group, LLC                   
  • Host Pros                         
  • Marcs                 
  • Meaden & Moore Ltd                
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ken Rogozinski                    
  • Mr. Tom & Jan Hablitzel                           
  • Quest Corporation                    
  • Sharmos Capital                        
  • Siegel Jennings Co., L.P.A.                   
  • Singer, Berger, Press & Co.                   
  • Strategic 7 Marketing               
  • Sycamore Legacy Group                       
  • Walter and Olivia Kiebach Foundation
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Thank You to Our Sponsors

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From the Hearts of Our Supporters

Growing up, I was always involved in team sports. I miss the camaraderie, commitment, the thrill of winning and the pain of losing. Through sports, we learn so much about ourselves and our willingness to sacrifice to be successful. It’s an honor to support the Cleveland Baseball Federation and its mission of providing kids the opportunity to play the game with no limits. No child should ever be excluded from the great game of baseball because of circumstances. Sports can change your life and your outlook on life. My thanks to the Cleveland Baseball Federation for making this a reality for thousands of local children.  

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Cameron Miele